Identifying the Root Cause of Chronic Disease, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders

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Instead of managing symptoms, Functional Medicine is about finding the root cause behind the symptoms of diseases, disorders, and illnesses in order to eliminate it. That’s why we say “The Cause is the Solution.”

Beyond any medical tests that you might have already taken in order to diagnose a specific condition, the root cause of that condition may not be revealed yet. If you have an autoimmune or inflammation related condition, identifying the precise ways that your body is out of balance allows you to restore the balance.

Micronutrient Testing

What is Micronutrient Testing Specgtracell Alternative Functional Medicine Autoimmune Anti-Inflammatory Disease Prevention It doesn’t matter what vitamins, minerals, amino acides and anti-oxidants you’re putting into your body if your body is not using them efficiently. Micronutrient Testing ensures the function of 35 nutritional components in your white blood cells, revealing what your body is actually utilizing. Once identified, deficiencies can be addressed and degenerative conditions can be reversed.

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Functional Bloodwork Review

functional blood work review alternative medicine testing Bloodwork that is labeled “normal” within acceptable medical standard ranges can still provide indicators of the imbalances that are causing symptoms of dis-ease in your body. A Functional Bloodwork Review can reveal early signs of organ stress and help you correct nutrient deficiencies that will eliminate symptoms today and minimize even worse health risks tomorrow.

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Heart Rate Variability Testing

Heart Rate Variability HRV Testing Autoimmune AntiInflammatory Alternative Medicin EKG Measuring the heartbeat is a common diagnostic procedure for a myriad of medical conditions. But it’s the space between heartbeats that reveals whether your Autonomic Nervous System is in balance, out of balance, stressed to the max, or in full-blown crisis. Heartrate Variability Testing is the guide which tells you how full your health reserves are and the speed of therapy that is safe for your condition.

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Nutritional Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing Designed Clinical Nutrition Dr. Ulan Video Your nervous system is a system of electricity which powers each of your organs and bodily functions. Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) tests where the energy flow in your body is strong and where it is diminished. Once the energy flow weaknesses and stresses are identified, a custom Designed Clinical Nutrition program can be formulated to create maximum health benefits for you.

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