Nutrition Solutions For the Most Common Autoimmune and Inflammation Related Diseases, Illnesses and Chronic Conditions

What are the most common Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammation Related Conditions and What are the Clinical Nutrition Solutions Used to Reverse Them?

What are common Autoimmune and Inflammation Related Conditions, Disorders, Chronic Illnesses and Diseases woman

My patients may be at the beginning of their health journey, or dissatisfied with the results they are getting after seeing many other practitioners. They are still dealing with unresolved issues, yet they haven’t lost hope and are looking for answers to their health questions. While we don’t offer any specific diagnosis, nor treat any specific condition, we will use comprehensive and careful assessment to determine your unique nutrient deficiencies.

We’ve successfully helped many patients by identifying when and how to use our nutrition services: Nutrition Response Testing™ (NRT), Designed Clinical Nutrition and the SHAPE ReClaimed™ Program can support autoimmune or other patients dealing with many common previously unexplained health complaints.

Some of the most common chronic conditions that our patients have been told are “untreatable,” or “incurable” are included on a list of 150+ illnesses that are classified as Autoimmune Diseases.

Do you have an “untreatable” or “incurable” Autoimmune Disease condition?
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Some of the most common Autoimmune Diseases, Illnesses, and Chronic Conditions that we have successfully treated are:

    • Acid Indigestion, Bloating, GERD

    • Anxiety, Mood Changes

    • Blood Sugar Imbalances

    • Chronic Gastrointestinal and Inflammatory Conditions

    • Detox and Bowel Elimination Dysfunction

    • Fatigue and Low Energy

    • Food Sensitivities, unexplained Skin Reactions

    • Hair Loss

    • Headaches and Migraines

    • Hormonal Imbalances

    • Immune/Autoimmune System Conditions

    • Inflammatory Joint Conditions

    • Poor Sleep, Sleep Apnea

    • Sinus and Respiratory Problems

    • Weight Management

Clinical Nutrition Solutions

We do not just mask symptoms. We use supplements from whole food concentrates, and natural substances to provide the body with essential nutrients that it needs to finally heal.

In today’s world, after decades of exposure to toxic chemicals, processed and depleted food system, heavy metals, virus and bacterial threats, we find that true healing comes in stages. This takes time, dedication and cooperation from our patients who join the practice. For this reason, we clearly outline the patient’s program for their agreement. We also have a unique policy that we never sell more supplements than a ppatient needs to take until their next visit… ever! It’s the most powerful part of the two-part policy that we have in the office and it’s one that our patients appreciate.

To accomplish our results, we find, then nourish weak organs in order of importance. We use Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)™, Designed Clinical Nutrition, and review your bloodwork and physical complaints to find answers that may explain why you are not healing. We then make corrections that will actually enable us to help rebuild the body with nutrition.

There is no medication, or nutraceutical (a fortified food containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefit) that can rebuild a body. The only thing that these bodies depend upon for actually replacing themselves—and they are constantly replacing themselves is nutrition – real nutrition! The basic building blocks are found in foods with protein, essential fats, the right type of carbohydrates in the least processed state, with as raw as possible ingredients, in the right amounts and within very safe limits.

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