Gentle Detox Cleanses: Eliminate Toxic Load Causing Illness, Disease and Chronic Conditions

Gentle Detox Cleanses Program Eliminate Toxic Load Causing Illness, Disease Chronic Conditions chicago illinoisIn today’s environment, it’s essential to consider regularly reducing our body’s toxic load by eliminating toxins in the environment and in our foods.

Due to the level of toxins we are exposed to, and the condition of our detox organs, I will always caution my patients against using “over the counter” detox supplements and packages, or unsupervised detox juice cleanses. Detoxification is a multi-step process and if not done correctly, can cause other rebound health issues, or just be too harsh for the well-intentioned patient.

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The liver, kidney, gallbladder, skin and lungs are our organs of detox. Before considering a detox for our patients, we first check these important detox organs using Nutrition Response Testing™. When patients unblock, nourish and heal affected organs with the proper nutrients, and get their gut lining and intestinal flora back into balance, unexplained symptoms greatly reduce or disappear as long as too much damage hasn’t occurred.

It’s important to note that the healing and detox process can be challenging: as detox pathways and gut imbalances are corrected, toxins can be released which can cause some unpleasant symptoms. These “die off” reactions can be noticable if not supported. We go slowly and provide the right detox drainage to support the body’s natural process, reducing the intensity of these reactions.

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To help this process, I recommend starting with an assessment where we may find that you would benefit from Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)™ as a non-invasive cost effective approach to restoring your health. Alternatively, you may find that you can benefit from the the detoxification offered with the SHAPE ReClaimed™ Program.

Once the detox step is complete, a Nutrition Response Testing™ health eassessment the healing experience can continue. A second detox may be required depending on the patient’s condition. Please remember this health approach takes time, and adults take longer than younger patients.

Most patients experience noticeable healing within the first month, but could require months or years to heal completely. It’s important to remember that each individual’s condition and their healing phase can be very different.

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