Bloodwork Review: Revealing Nutrient Imbalance and the Cause of Unhealthy Symptoms

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blood work test results alternative functional medicine testingChecking in on bloodwork and identifying problems early is important. While we do not diagnose any disease or condition, we review standard bloodwork as a “Medical Detective” to find nutritional clues and piecing together information that may indicate signs of “functional” imbalance(s) in the body.

This not always done with other medical providers and may explain why a blood result may fall into “normal” medical ranges so you are told you are “normal,” but you certainly don’t feel “normal.”

If any of this sounds familiar, there is a strong chance that you could benefit from Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)™ or a Functional Bloodwork Review to determine underlying causes of your condition. If you have insurance coverage, we ask that you use our listing of preferred bloodwork to request these standard tests from your primary care physician. If you have recent (less than 3 months old) bloodwork that closely matches our listing you can submit results prior to your initial consult.

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Below are some of the areas we can nutritionally support from your bloodwork:

    – Vitamin D3 levels for immunity and bone health
    – Thyroid and Adrenal nutrient support
    – Immune system nutrient support
    – Electrolyte and hydration support
    – Digestive support
    – Iron quality and intake support
    – Blood sugar support
    – Liver and gallbladder nutrient support
    – Zinc, Magnesium, other essential vitamin and mineral levels lost due to diet and prescription use

And so much more …..

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After the bloodwork review, we support nutritional deficiencies using customized food plans, Designed Clinical Nutrition, as well as whole-food based supplements and/or lifestyle modifications. While Bloodwork can be helpful as a before/after picture from the patient’s view point, but not completely mandatory for us to help you. Blood work review, in combination with physical indicators and Nutrition Response Testing® are invaluable ways to identify and address nutrient imbalances and to address underlying root causes of chronic health challenges.

Prior to your appointment, click here to Contact Us to request our listing of preferred bloodwork.

Please note: We can order bloodwork for you through partnering physicians and local labs as an additional out of pocket expense for you. We do not accept insurance, but we will provide receipts so you can submit for reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan. Patients are responsible for all applicable fees prior to ordering bloodwork. We do not issue diagnosis codes, nor treat any specific condition or disease. Instead, we support the nutritional needs of the body that may be contributing to an imbalance.

I know that by the time a medical diagnosis is given, symptoms have been present for at least 5 years. While it’s never too late, time spent watching symptoms or bloodwork get worse is too much wasted time in my opinion. Proper nourishment is a critical step in reclaiming total health. What we choose to eat, and how we prepare what we eat are only two parts of improving health. After several decades of lost nutrients, knowing exactly where our patients are with their own unique nutritional deficiencies is a critical starting point. With the clinical expertise and tools I have, I can be more precise and reach out to patients in a more meaningful way to gain a deeper understanding of a client’s health.

Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN, LDN
Clinical Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

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