Why is prevention of disease important?

Why is prevention of disease important?

It may be surprising to learn that most of the diseases of old age begin between the ages 40 to 65 years. This is when most of the diseases of old age begin as a sense of “dis-ease,” which most people ignore because they haven’t taken control of their own health.

As we get older our “safety net” of defense mechanisms becomes smaller and we are more susceptible to disease.It is the low energy/fatigue, weight-gain, irregular sleep patterns, digestive problems and the accepted notion that prescription medications will correct these problems and stave off illness that ultimately lead to the development of disease.

On average, Americans aged 65+ now take between 8 to 10 different prescription medications. Our older years should be enjoyed to the fullest, not by popping prescription medicines and shuffling to different doctors weekly.

Just because we are advancing in our years does not mean that our blood pressure or cholesterol levels will automatically need medication in order to regulate. By taking care of ourselves through prevention programs, we can avoid the multiple medications so commonly seen and their side effects.

Taking charge of your own health is becoming more and more important because the health care system cannot deal with the increasing amount of chronic-degenerative disease now being experienced by Americans. Wellness exams are an important part of disease prevention and our ability to enjoy life as we age.

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