FAQ: How to Make Autoimmune or Anti-Inflammatory Diet Changes That Stick

FAQ: How to Make Autoimmune or Anti-Inflammatory Diet Changes That Stick

Diet changes are challenging. So a question I am asked frequently is, “How do you speak about diet changes with your patients?”

How Change Diet for Autoimmune Anti-Inflammatory Diseases Illnesses chicago illinois FAQSo many health conditions are impacted by what we are eating or NOT eating. I think every person needs to make changes at a pace that works for them on their own journey.

Black and white rules generally don’t lead people to wellness – they can work temporarily in a crisis situation to get a disease under control but real wellness is about so much more.

I meet patients where they are in their recovery journey. I use Designed Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing™ to provide proper guidance for their condition. I offer nutrition information for those who need the facts. For others, I’m there to inspire and partner with them through the individual process of regaining the confidence to make gradual changes.
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