FAQ: What is a Clinical Nutrition Approach to Wellness?

FAQ: What is a Clinical Nutrition Approach to Wellness?

How do you explain your practice and your Clinical Nutrition approach to wellness?

FAQ What is Clinical Nutrition Functional Medicine Practitioner Expert Chicago IllinoisI always target my message to my audience. When I speak to someone just starting out in this process, I’ll often focus on health and wellness as a journey where all roads lead back to good food, proper nutrients and avoiding negative thoughts that distract from their goals. Using Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)™, I can identify weakened areas, and provide the right customized nutritional support at the right time.

Then I encourage patients to identify as many external and emotional stressors as possible in their lives so they can be aware and make powerful, long lasting changes. This could be environmental toxins, lifestyle, food sensitivities or stress, all of which can play big roles in health conditions. Through this journey, a person can see that there are many contributing factors to their condition or disease, and experience their body healing in layers.
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