Get a Free Functional Medicine Health Consult from Certified Clinical Nutritionist Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN, LDN

Get Free Functional Medicine Health Consultation Certified Clinical Autoimmune Nutritionist Jeannie Gorman

The first step back to health is to determine the root cause of your health problem by identifying the body system or organs that are under stress.

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Jeannie Gorman – Chicago Area
Functional Medicine Clinical Nutritionist
Your initial Assessment with Clinical Nutritionist Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN, LDN is a collaborative 15 minute consultation which will provide you with Jeannie’s personalized insight into your health status, a discussion about whether Functional Medicine can help, and an opportunity to ask questions about the best strategies for your particular health situation. You will walk away with the certainty of whether our Functional Medicine approach can help.

For new patients, after your Initial Personalized Assessment indicates that Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition Strategies is an appropriate course of action, we use several strategies to create the personalized protocol that will create the best results for you. Some of these initial comprehensive assessment strategies include:

  • Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)(R): A non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying stressors and missing nutrients that can contribute to unexplained symptoms and non-optimum health status, leading to disease formation.
  • Patient Intake Session: A physical assessment and medical case history, a review of standard bloodwork that can indicate nutritional imbalances to complete our analysis.
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