Patient Reviews About Clinical Nutrition Solutions and Results from Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN, LDN

Does It Work? Will It Help? Can you get Successful Results?

If you’ve never heard of “Functional Medicine” or “Clinical Nutrition,” you might be wondering if it really works.

If you’ve tried other tests, treatments, therapies, drugs, and diets and you still haven’t reversed your condition or regained your health, you might be wondering why the alternative approach of Jeannie Gorman would work when everything else has failed.

The ones who can give you the best feedback about the effectiveness of the Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition strategies are the ones who have used them. Read the success stories of some of Jeannie’s patients below, and then click a link to get a Personalized Initial Assessment for your own condition >>

“The pounds are coming off more than ever…”

Patient Testimonial Reviews Weight Loss Alternative Functional Medicine Success Results Jeannie Gorman Chicago IllinoisAfter years of trying to lose pounds and not understanding why I was losing alot of inches, dress sizes and very few pounds!  Jeannie taught me that it was the FOODS that were causing alot of inflammation and immune disorders I was having.  Now the pounds are coming off more than ever, with elimination of those foods!  So in all cases it is NOT always muscle weighs more than fat!
Thanks Jeannie!
Cecilia C., Chicago, IL

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“I am thankful daily for her guidance…”

Patient Reviews About Clinical Nutrition Solutions Alternative Functional Medicine Cure Results Jeannie Gorman Chicago IllinoisWhen I first started working with Jeannie I was bloating with every bite I took. I had tried every diet and what felt like every doctor. I was breaking out in hives, constipated, and fatigued all the time and ate relatively healthy besides not a lot of protein. 

First Jeannie listened! Huge in my book.  She then suggested I request a test from my doctor. Which gave some answers but not all. Jeannie took everything one step further. She muscle tested me to see what my body said it needed support with, then tested supplements. She never made me feel I had to be on supplements forever, however, she taught me that they were designed to support my body as it healed in order to ‘take some stress off.’ Over the next few months my energy came back, I could eat meat and constipation was starting to be resolved. I’m still in the process of healing since I have not been functioning at optimal in about 6 years!

All in all I appreciate the food guidelines, recipes, tricks and the fact that she learns from my body! All my feedback she notes and notes what helped the best to continue to learn and help others even more! She is a blessing and I am thankful daily for her guidance.

Laura T., Munster, IN

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“I saw results happen like never before…”

Patient Testimonial Reviews Clinical Nutrition Solutions Alternative Functional Medicine Cure Results Jeannie Gorman Chicago IllinoisI really didn’t know what to expect with Nutrition Response Testing.  I contacted Jeannie after a presentation she gave and was immediately impressed with her professionalism and wealth of nutrition knowledge.  What I thought would be another expensive, long complicated process to figure out what was going wrong with my health was just the opposite.  

Her approach was one of listening and educating me as to what was happening.  She reviewed my bloodwork, found and fixed many vitamin deficiencies causing some of my problems.  She then checked the health of my organs with NRT.  It was fascinating to see that process and know that it takes full trust in the wisdom of the body to know how to heal with the right nutrients, in the right amounts.  

She explained that disease doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does healing.  She never pressured me to spend money on needless bloodwork or supplements.  As long as I stayed true to eating well and taking my supplements, I saw results happen like never before.  

I always felt listened to and understood.  I highly recommend Jeannie, and NRT, if you feel you’ve seen enough doctors, and want someone who really does know the body and how to work on healing it.

Jim G., Chicago, IL

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