What is the Functional Medicine Alternative? What Is a Functional Nutrition Healing Protocol?

Functional Medicine is focused on finding the root cause for disease and dysfunction.

what is functional alternative medicine healing Functional Nutrition Protocols chicago illinoisWe look at the systems of the body in a holistic and comprehensive way. With Functional Nutriton, we value customized nutrition planning as a powerful adjunct therapy to proper testing and food based supplementation in tandem with prescription medications when necessary.

The patients who see the best results are the ones who see that their Designed Clinical Nutrition plan is a key factor to feeling better and bringing about better health. No plan is “cookie-cutter” and I specialize in modifying each nutritional protocol to find what’s best for that particular patient.
What is Functional Alternative Medicine Healing Functional Nutrition Protocols Chicago Illinois Hippocrates

My Functional Nutrition philosophy is based on these principals:

1) The health-gut connection – There is no denying the connection between a healthy gut and a healthy body and mind. When the gut loses its integrity and function, other health areas follow.

2) The teachings of Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis M. Pottinger Jr. – These two nutritional pioneers researched the connection between poor nutrition and physical degeneration. Both observed rapid declines in health when previously healthy populations gave up traditional diets and began consuming modern, processed nutrient poor and processed diets.

3) A commitment to bio-individuality – Every individual has a specific genetic, ancestral and geographical makeup that determines their own unique nutritional needs. Many nutritional paradigms fail because they take a “one size fits all” approach that ignores bio-individuality.

4) The use of several evaluation tools – To identify specific nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body, we use clinical evaluations, tests and analyses:

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Our Nutrition Response Testing(R) and our Functional Medicine approach offers clients significant advantages:

1) Identifying and quantifying weaknesses throughout the body.
2) Enabling individualized nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle protocols necessary to restore vibrant health thru healing, and
3) Allowing short and long-term documentation of changes in the body’s systems, demonstrating to clients the effectiveness of diet and lifestyle interventions and increasing commitment to protocols.

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